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Tuggmotstånd Agency/
Founded in 2017 by Amanda Ekström. It started as a simple Instagram account in protest against students who seemed to starve themselves in the school cafeteria as a result of all the retouched and normative bodies on social media. Today, Tuggmotstånd is a production team who aims towards making it easier and more available for brands to be representative in their marketing.


We are a creative agency who's policy is to work 100% retouch-free. We help with people casting and have a register with over 10.000 new faces (and still counting) who's signed up their interest in modelling - we promise that we'll find the model that's missing in your feed. 

Tuggmotstånd Agency is the the obvious choice if your priorities lies in finding a model quick and easy, who challenges the normative models that we see on the busstops and train stations.

Is your brand representative enough?
if yes; we're a good match

if no; we're an even better match


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Amanda Ekström
CEO of Tuggmotstånd AB

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