meet the artists, 


palmquist ceramic 

Filip Palmquist is known as Palmquist Ceramic and is a ceramicist. He works mainly with utensils such as his organic vases and bowls. You can recognize his hand-thumbed expression with earthy glazes. Something that feels important to Filip is that you should see and feel when something is homemade.


emma ström 

Emma Ström is the first ever external artist joining Tuggmotstånd. Through her art, she's trying to connect music, philosophy and her creative spirit. According to Emma, the female body is an artwork itself, and every body carries its own story – and so does her artwork. 

frilansfinans .jpg


amanda is the founder of tuggmotstånd and trough her art she wants to show the body in the only true way it should ever be shown - as a piece of art. 



Emma is a fashion design student who loves being creative in every way. Whether if it’s painting, clay, tufting or textiles her fingers itch with the excitement of creating something. 



Behind Mackapino is the ceramic Felicia Enander. Her passion is to make beautiful utensils that make a simple breakfast that little something extra. She wants to create a happy and homely feeling that shows up every time you pour coffee into your favorite mug. 



Josefa Berg is an artist based in Malmö who is the first artist in 2022 who is interpreting Tuggmotstånd. Josefa visually invites you to her multi-diagnosis-loaded brain. With her art we travel from heavy graphic to ease and playfulness. In her art we get to see how she experiments with different colors, forms, materials and structures. 

ida lindbaek

Ida Lindbaek is a Copenhagen based artist. She uses digital illustration to make feminist creations that pays homage to the female body and shameless sexuality. "My work process is very healing to me. When I see the beauty in art, I see the beauty in myself. I hope other women feel represented and realise their beauty through my work too".


linn flodholm ellsäter

Linn Flodholm Ellsäter has for several years examined the body in her creative work and has worked in several materials and techniques in the same theme. An active (female) body that can take place and be, without being reduced. How do you present something in a way that is still beautiful, without falling into previous patterns?


jessica jämting

Jessica Jämting is an artist, illustrator and journalist based in Gothenburg. She loves to play with colour and let the brush take her to new places, shapes and motives. Jessica has written and illustrated the book “Mina vänner peppar mig-boken”.

mathilda månsson

Mathilda Månsson is a Malmö based artist who loves to play around with color and form to create some kind of happy place. The process of creating is constantly ongoing and always has been, it’s a way to be at peace with her own mind. She is inspired by the beauty in everyday life and nature with different shapes, color combinations and materials.



Behind Ellustration is Elin Lundberg, an artist and illustrator based in Gothenburg. She finds her inspiration from faces, bodies, nature and loves to combine colourful shapes with detailed dotwork. ”There is nothing better than to lose track of time with a blank piece of paper and a pencil in hand"

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