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about tuggmotstånd

We're a production team doing our best to break the norms trough video, photography and art. It all started back in 2017 when Amanda worked as a teacher, and found a couple of teenage girls counting stretchmarks and rolls on their belly. "No one on instagram has those rolls on their belly", they said, and that's where this journey started. ​

Today we're helping costumers to improve their long term sustainable inclusion, trough our professional production team and our bunch of models, including only private persons. We want to give space to the real voices, therefor we're using genuin people and using our platform for them to speak out and take place. If we're helping just one person out there to a better mental health – we're home. 

You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions, requirements or just want to say hello, 




Thanks for getting in touch!

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